It looks like our little social media influencer Lucy Lee will be having a company soon!

Sofia Leung, the wife of actor Sam Lee and mother to the four-year-old recently announced news of her pregnancy via Lucy’s Instagram that she operates, with a photo of her little girl smiling to the camera and lying on her mother’s tummy.

“Today is my daddy’s birthday. In addition to wanting to say happy birthday to him, I want to share with you a happier news, that is: my mother is finally pregnant again!”

“Because the belly is not too obvious but mummy wants everybody to treat her better: Let her have the seat, help her cross the road, cut the queue when you buy things, or even buy things without having to pay, I decided to announce it!” she added.

Sofia then wrote in her hashtags, “Will it be Richard 1.0 or Lucy 2.0 this time? Everyone take a guess?”

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The four-year-old is almost as famous as her daddy Sam Lee

(Photo Source: Lucy Lee Instagram)