After previously announcing that she is having a baby, Sandy Wu recently made her first appearance in front of the media to share her elation over becoming a mother soon.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the TV personality, who appeared at an event alongside the band Cosmos People, stated that she is actually five months pregnant, even if her appearance makes it look like she is not having a baby at all.

“I also have no trouble with morning sickness,” she said, adding jokingly, “Maybe because we listen to Cosmos People’s songs.”

As for the gender of the baby, Sandy said that she and her husband will share it at their upcoming gender reveal party. She also has not yet made plans as to when she will take a break from work to focus on her baby, though guaranteed that she will return to work as soon as possible after the child’s birth.

When asked about her father Jacky Wu’s reaction, Sandy said, “I actually have told him about the pregnancy in advance, but he only replied that a girl or a boy is fine.”

On the other hand, when vocalist Lin Chung-Yu stated that Sandy is getting funnier and funnier like Jacky, she responded light-heartedly, “It’s normal for me to be like my dad. I just hope my child won’t look like him.”

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Aren’t we all annoyed seeing her not looking pregnant at all at five months?

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)