Veteran artist Bowie Wu recently made a slip by telling the media that Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam has actually moved overseas.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who is set to hold a concert on 10 September, was recently asked if Sandy will be making  a guest appearance at his performance, after Sandy made a rare video wishing Hu Feng a happy birthday earlier.

To that, he said, “How can she when she’s abroad?”

Following the mistake, musician Andrew Tuason, who was also with Bowie, explained that Sandy is now in the UK.

Bowie then explained, “She is with her daughter now, and living comfortably. For her, the most important thing in life right now is her daughter.”

“She sings so well, I hope she doesn’t quit music just like that. It will be sad if she doesn’t perform anymore,” he added.

However, Bowie stated that he has no clue as to whether Sandy will return nor does he know anything about the singer’s plan for the future. It is noted that Sandy has not been active in the industry for the past three years, having released no new music nor appeared in public.

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Sandy previously wished Bowie a happy birthday

(Photo Source: Zaobao, China Press)