New besties Rhian Ramos and Michelle Dee are now taking their friendship to the next stage – living together as best friends, that is.

The news was revealed by Rhian herself when she spoke to the media at an event, saying that she will be moving house and renting with Michelle.

“We feel that it is easier if we are together. The house we chose is like five houses away from Max Collins and since we have the same people who do our makeup and hair, it could be easier,” she said.

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Rhian, Michelle and Max are becoming besties

Rhian also added that she feels happy about the plan, adding that she and her group of friends, including influencer Janina Manipol became close during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now, it’s like we meet every other day. We work out together, and when there is an event, we get ready together. I used to be shy going to these events, but now I’m not since all of us are always there,” she added.

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Rhian, Michelle and Max are also best buddies with influencer Janina Manipol

(Photo Source: Rhian Ramos Instagram, Michelle Dee Instagram)