Now that she has won Outstanding Asian Star award at the Seoul International Drama Awards, Belle Mariano stated that she is still speechless about her win.

The actress, who spoke about it for the first time following her appearance at the event in South Korea, stated, “”Honestly, loss for words. I can’t describe the feeling once you’re there on stage. At first, I was nervous. Of course, it’s my first time to accept an award on stage and it’s held in Korea.”

“The moment when I was there on stage, I just cherished it. It’s truly humbling and I am just so grateful. And of course, I would like to thank everyone who supported me, who believed in me from the very beginning. This is all for you guys.”

As for her next goal, Belle stated that she is currently in the middle of shooting a new movie and hopes that it will be released internationally.

“And hopefully more people can recognise the talent of Filipinos,” she added.

The actress added that she would not be here if not for her fans, adding that she is thankful for all of the support.

“If only I could give you the awards, you guys deserve it and I’m going to do my very best so we can win more awards,” she enthused.

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Belle won the award in South Korea

(Photo Source: Belle Mariano Instagram)