When does a movie promotion becomes too much promotion? It is when the film studio has to remind you to not be too zealous in promoting its film.

On 23 August, the makers of Louis Koo-starrer, “Warriors of Future” had to release a statement reminding fans not to force other people to promote the movie by flooding the comments section of other people’s social media accounts, especially other artistes.

“Seeing that everyone has spared no effort in the development of Chinese-language films, it has made us more confident that Chinese movies will get better and better. But we also noticed that some enthusiastic netizens, in hopes that more people will pay attention to “Warriors of Future”, leave messages under various accounts, causing some controversy,” the statement read.

“We appeal to everyone to return to the movie instead and focuses their attention back to the movie itself.”

The statement came after a large number of netizens flocked to Andy Lau’s Weibo account, asking the Hong Kong superstar to help Louis promote the movie.

“Warriors of Future” reminds fans not to force other stars to watch the movie, andy lau, celeb asia, theHive.Asia
Fans flocked to Andy Lau’s Weibo comments to ask the actor to watch the movie

(Photo Source: HK01, Andy Lau Fanpage Instagram)