They may not seem lovey-dovey in public, but when it comes to divorce rumours, Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen are quick to deny it.

As reported on Oriental Daily, on 16 August, Hong Kong tabloids alleged that the two TVB actors have called it quits on their 11-year marriage, with Vincent to focus on his career in mainland China for the time being while Yoyo remains in Hong Kong to take care of their daughter.

Following the rumour, Vincent’s camp was quick to deny it, with the actor sharing a photo of him in a recording studio and write, “Everything is fine, thank you for your concern.”

Meanwhile, wife Yoyo took to social media and expressed, “I will not respond to today’s reports that are not facts. Thank you for your concern.”

This is not the first time that the two have been rumoured to be having a marital woe, what with Vincent being away from home and working all the time.

The couple also rarely showed affection in public, with Yoyo not thanking Vincent particularly during her speech at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2021 when she won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “Plan B”, and explained later that she had “thanked all family members” and that it would suffice.

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Vincent shared a photo of him dubbing as he dismisses the rumour

(Photo Source: Vincent Wong Instagram, Truth Media)