Sho Hirano is set to star in the latest live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga, “Kurosagi” (aka “The Black Swindler”) for TBS.

As reported on Cinema Cafe, the actor and member of King & Prince, will play the lead as Kurosaki Koshiro, a young man who swindles other con-men using the name Kurosagi after losing his family to fraud.

“It’s a great honour to play the role of ‘a swindler who deceives swindlers’,” said Sho, who is delighted to appear in this work. “I think it’s really cool. Of course, other than deceiving people, I admire the human power and strength to do everything smartly.”

Sho said that he could feel the pain that the character was going through when he read the script.

“Even though he has a strong side as Kurosagi, don’t forget the sensitivity and softness of Kurosaki, who has a fierce past.  I hope that this character will show a new side of me to audiences,” he said.

The original manga was serialised in Weekly Young Sunday from 2003 to 2013. In 2006, it was made into a serial drama starring Tomohisa Yamashita, with the actor reprising the role yet again in a 2008 movie.

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Sho Hirano is the Black Swindler

(Photo Source: Tokyo Hive, Araism)