After Kenneth Ma indirectly admitted to be living together with girlfriend Roxanne Tong, the actress recently confirmed it, saying that they had been doing so throughout the pandemic.

As reported on Mingpao, Roxanne, who spoke to the media at a shopping mall event on 5 August, admitted that the two of them have been living together for some time now as a way to keep their families safe.

“Due to the severity of the pandemic at the time, we had to take account of our families’ safety whenever we have a new project, so we decided to move in together,” she said. “But now the pandemic has eased, we often return home to our respective original spaces. Maybe in the near future, we won’t be renting anymore.”

Asked if they ever fight, Roxanne smiled and said that there are no couples who don’t fight at all.

As for marriage, Roxanne said, “We’ve been dating with the thoughts of marriage, and if it happens, we will not hide it. But the world is chaotic right now, so we will not be planning it for the time being.”

The actress then stated that she will be travelling to Australia to work soon, and joked, “Kenneth will definitely be happy to be free of me.”

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Roxanne will be flying off to Australia soon for work

(Photo Source: Roxanne Tong Instagram)