Although she didn’t plan to continue with her acting career in the US, it looks like Princess Punzalan is doing well overseas too, as she recently nabbed a role in season two of FOX’s series, “The Cleaning Lady”.

Sharing the good news on social media, the actress, most known to global fans for her role in “Mula Sa Puso”, wrote, “When I got married in 2005, and settled down in the US, I thought I was leaving and keeping my acting career in the Philippines, and focusing on a “normal” family life in America. I would live like any other US resident and then go on extended trips to the Philippines if I wanted to use my creative juices and perform as an actor there.”

“Then I remember one time, I was watching a BTS TV special of a popular TV drama. I cried in front of the television because my heart ached to also have an opportunity to perform here… in a different playing field. I only prayed for a one-time experience. I just wanted to experience performing on camera in America. Now looking back, I am so grateful because many people helped me to get me on my way.

“My husband had always been so supportive when I need to go to classes, do homework and auditions, and when I need to prepare for jobs. Thank you, Jay. I received a warm welcome, encouraging words, support, and opportunities from so many people. I am very thankful.” she added.

In the said drama, Princess plays the role of Alda de La Rosa (aka Lola), whose character is described as having “a deep strength, compassion, and wisdom, and often brings the voice of reason when it matters most.”

Starring Elodie Yung, “The Cleaning Lady” tells the story of Thony De La Rosa, formerly a Cambodian-Filipino medical doctor who is offered a job both as a cleaner and a doctor within a criminal organisation that could pay well enough to help her son and her family.

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‘The Cleaning Lady’ stars Elodie Yung in the lead

(Photo Source: Princess Punzalan  Instagram, The Cleaning Lady Fox Instagram)