Neri Naig recently revealed that she is now doing her Master in Business Administration.

The actress shared the news on social media on 16 August, saying that she has already started on her orientation day.

“Why MBA? Why not?! Never stop learning. They say, “When you push yourself beyond limits, you discover inner reserves, which you never thought existed earlier. Let your dreams push you… instead of your fears,” she wrote.

Neri believes that it is still not too late to continue one’s education, even if one is now a mother.

“Just go! I will be your number one support. You can do it, mummy!” she added.

Neri Naig is married to Chito Miranda. The two have two sons together; Miguel (called Miggy) and and Manuel, as well as adopted daughter Pia. It was just back in June that she earned her bachelor’s degree.

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Neri has the support of husband Chito and their three kids

(Photo Source: Neri Naig Instagram)