Nancy Wu recently admitted that she is not against dating or finding somebody new in her life since her last breakup, it’s just that the opportunity hasn’t been there.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who sat down for an interview, shared that she would love to meet the right person following her breakup with musician Terry Chan seven years ago, but that she is still not destined for it.

“Due to the pandemic, I didn’t dare to go out for the past two years. Even if I’m outside, everybody is wearing masks and you can only see the eyes, so it’s difficult to meet people,” she said.

Nancy stated that she also thought about finding someone on a dating app, but was confused as to how she should do it.

“Should I show my real face and my name or should I not? I don’t want to deceive people, but my career doesn’t seem to suit this way of finding someone. So, I gave up,” she added. When mentioned that “golden matchmaker” Bob Lam wants to find her a man, Nancy smiled and said, “He is more concerned about it than me and he vowed to do that for me. Now the whole world knows, even the salesperson at the shop sends me well wishes.”

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Bob Lam’s new matchmaking goal is to find someone for Nancy

(Photo Source: Bob Lam Instagram, Nancy Wu Instagram)