After several days of silence following the tragic accident at their concert last week, MIRROR’s Lokman Yeung recently broke his silence on social media.

On 1 August, the rapper, who is also the leader of the 12-member group, shared a black square on social media and assured fans that the members are taking care of each other.

“I hope at this moment, everyone will gather their energy and wish Ah Mo, Ah Fung and Zisac a speedy recovery,” he added.

In the same post, Lokman expressed gratitude to everybody who have assisted the group, including their company, seniors in the entertainment industry, both familiar and unfamiliar.

“We will look after ourselves, don’t worry. We will provide time and space for the injured and their families,” he added.

The three people mentioned in his post were the three dancers who were injured at their previous concert, when a giant hanging video screen fell on stage during a performance. Ah Mo, who was directly hit by the object, is currently in the ICU.

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Lokman assures that the members are okay

(Photo Source: MIRROR Instagram, Lokman Yeung Instagram)