Former AKB48 member Minami Minegishi recently announced that she is now married to Tetsuya, a member of the YouTuber unit, Tokai On Air.

In a statement that she released on social media on 17 August, Minami expressed, “Tetsuya is always there as an encouragement whenever I am feeling bad. Ever since I met him, I’ve been looking forward to waking up every morning, and as the days went on, I came to think that I wanted to be with him forever.”

“He accepts my past and my weaknesses with a big heart, and by being by his side, I feel that I am more empowered than I originally was,” she added.

Minami also stated that she will do her best in her work as an artiste despite being married, saying that she is where she is right now because of her fans.

On the other hand, Tetsuya, who admitted to have fallen for Minami since he was in high school, said that it was a dream come true for him to marry the singer.

“This marriage is a new beginning and I will devote myself into evolving every day not just as a YouTuber but as a husband,” he added.

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Congratulations to the married couple!

(Photo Source: Minami Minegishi Instagram)