There are many challenges filming his very first sci-fi epic, but according to Louis Koo, the hardest thing of all is to don his special outfit for the film.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who plays a principal force of B-16’s Air Force tasked to kill a fast-growing alien vine called Pandora that crashes down on Earth in “Warriors of Future”, stated that the armoured uniform was “attractive” but insufferable.

“It was really hard to shoot the movie with over 33 pounds of armour. There were a lot of action scenes that had to be filmed in hot weather,” he said.

7cn louisworriorfuture01
No going to the bathroom for these two after they donned their outfits

Louis also stated that the armour needed half an hour to be put on, and would still take 15 minutes even if one has become an expert.

Co-star Sean Lau added that they needed to be very motivated to wear the outfit, as none can undress at will to go to the bathroom.

Louis then stated that his body temperature would increase to 40 degrees due to the armour, coupled with the summer days shooting.

“Every day we were on the verge of a heat stroke. There were three air-conditioners on the set at the time, and I would let all three of them directed at me… It’s a unique experience I have never had,” he added.

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‘Warriors of Future’ to open the upcoming 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF)

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)