Louis Koo has laughed off reports that he cried during a promotional event of his new movie, “Warriors of Future”.

As reported on HK01, the actor, who appeared at the Hong Kong International Film Festival recently, was asked about the recent viral photo of him seemingly wiping away tears when he was promoting the movie in mainland China, which many speculated was caused by the film not doing as well as he hoped at the Chinese box office.

To that, Louis laughed and said that everybody would have seen the video of him supposedly crying if it was the case, adding, “They didn’t turn on the air-conditioner in the theatre. It was hot.”

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Was he crying? Or was he wiping sweat?

As for his comments to female fans that those who watch his movies are all his wives, the actor smiled and said that it was an inside joke between him and his fans who called him “husband”.

Louis denied that he was saddened over the box office numbers, stressing that he believes that movie lovers will go watch the sci-fi movie after a good word of mouth.

He also stressed that he has no regrets investing in a sci-fi movie, saying, “You have to take the first step no matter what. It doesn’t matter how much time and investment you spend. You should, otherwise you will never know.”

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao)