Liza Soberano recently revealed that it took her filming two audition tapes before she was cast in her first Hollywood movie, “Lisa Frankenstein”.

The actress, who spoke about how she got the project recently, stated that she and her managers James Reid and Jeff Oh bumped into Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda Williams while they were meeting industry folks in Los Angeles.

“And the day that I met her, she just got this project ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ greenlit, and she was very excited about it. She was talking about it during our meeting and she said, ‘Why don’t you audition for one of the characters?’ I’m like, ‘Sure, I’ll think about it, I’ll read the script and if I like it, I’ll audition for it.’” she said.

Liza said that her first audition tape was a failure.

“The first pass that we did it, we did it completely wrong. There was not enough head space and they were particular with the head space in the video and it was even blurry and I was like looking straight at the camera while I was saying my line which you’re not supposed to do because you don’t do that when you are actually filming so you are supposed to be looking at the person you are reading lines with. So, I had to redo it completely, redo it and film it on another day and then I had the Careless team edit it for me and we sent it over to the production,” she said.

It took three days before she got the news that she would be part of the film, which stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse.

“I was very excited and very happy of course because when I read the script, I was like blown away. I knew I would want to be in it like after the fifth and sixth sequences. It’s like a dream movie and a dream project of mine so when I heard the news that I got the role of course I was very excited,” she said.

Liza is currently in week two of filming in New Orleans, Louisiana. No news as to when the film will come out.

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Liza with her co-star Kathryn Newton

(Photo Source: Liza Soberano Instagram)