It was revealed that Kris Aquino has been diagnosed with more autoimmune diseases following more tests in the United States.

The news was shared by eldest sister Ballsy Aquino, who said that the medical team is still trying to find the correct treatment for the former Queen of All Media.

“She has so many allergies that all of the medicines they’ve been trying haven’t been working, or maybe they did but then the side effects, they were not too happy about,” she said.

Ballsy said that the other autoimmune diseases were found as the US team had done tests that were not available in the Philippines.

She added that Kris, who is now not even 90 pounds in weight, will have to add more pounds in order to endure all the treatments.

However, Ballsy stressed that Kris’ fighting spirit is still strong.

“There was a time she was really feeling that she was about to give up because she was having such a difficult time, but when she looks at pictures of her sons, when she sees them, then she knows she still has to fight because as you know, Josh is a special boy and Bimb is only 15.”

“So that’s keeping her fighting spirit even stronger, and thanks to many prayers, thanks to your prayers, at least the fighting spirit is still there.”

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Kris is fighting for the sake of her two boys

(Photo Source: Kris Aquino Instagram)