Joe Chen recently expressed her annoyance over people obsessing about whether or not she has a bun in the oven.

On 8 August, the Taiwanese actress took to Weibo to lament her frustration, saying that she woke up to comments speculating about her body.

“Since I got married, the outside world has been very concerned over whether or not I am pregnant. Sometimes it’s a little troublesome. If I get fat, I’d be on the hot search again, then there’d be pregnancy rumours again, and the team and the agent would start receiving calls from reporters and maybe text messages from friends, and I have to respond again…”

Joe added that it became much of a nuisance because then people will accuse her of seeking attention, and some would also speculate that she has given birth but decided to keep it a secret.

“Sometimes these comments on the internet are dumbfounding. Why are people so malicious towards women? Of course, there are also many rational people who would laugh it off, and some would congratulate,” she expressed. “I think pregnant or not is not the most important thing, but happiness is. Life is always full of unknown surprises.”

Joe tied the knot with Malaysian artist Alan Chen earlier this year, after meeting via the reality show, “Meeting Mr Right 2”.

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Joe is married to Malaysian husband Alan Chen

(Photo Source: Joe Chen Instagram)