Jeannie Chan has recently laughed off rumours that she and Chow Kalok are now in a relationship.

The actress, who stars alongside the actor in the new TVB series, “Your Highness”, found the whole thing funny, especially when it was reported that the actor had been seen sneaking to her place.

Admitting that Kalok truly had gone to her place, Jeannie explained, however, that there were also Joey Wong and Brian Chu with them as they were filming a content for the internet.

“It will be released in two days. In it, we played games and asked each other questions and we have to drink if we can’t answer. That is why we filmed it at home, because if you drink too much, you’re still inside,” she said.

Jeannie then added that she was the only one who ended up drunk because the questions she got were very difficult to answer.

The actress also added that the four of them have become very good friends, and that her house usually would have friends coming over.

“It’s in the centre of many housing enterprises, so everybody feels more convenient,” she added.

Asked if she is not worried that the rumour would scare away potential suitors, Jeannie smiled and responded, “It doesn’t matter. I am too busy with work anyway.”

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Jeannie and Kalok became good friends since working on ‘Your Highness’

(Photo Source: Jeannie Chan Instagram, Sunday Kiss)