Iza Calzado recently admitted that her pregnancy is a humbling experience, in an interview with Bianca Gonzalez for Cinema One.

The actress, who announced her pregnancy on 12 August, stated that she is being more careful with her body now, though confessed that she is still processing being pregnant.

“This was unplanned but highly appreciated and we were just in shock. It took us a week, we were still processing,” she said. “Until now, it is three months and first trimester is done. Not a lot of nausea. There was nausea but no vomiting.”

Despite the peaceful first trimester, Iza stated that she is still careful not to push her body too much, knowing that it could be a difficult pregnancy.

“I understand now the joy people have for you because it is a miracle. It is a miracle of, I guess, creating life which of course, we need life for mankind to keep going and they’re just happy,” the actress said.

As for her birthday wish, the actress said that her number one wish is for everybody, as well as her baby, to be healthy.

Iza tied the knot with husband Ben Wintle in December 2018. The actress shared the news of her pregnancy as she celebrated her 40th birthday on 12 August.

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Iza and Ben have been married for nearly four years

(Photo Source: Iza Calzado Instagram)