Hins Cheung recently took to social media to share information on how to deal with anxiety and trauma following the incident that had befallen several dancers at the recently held MIRROR concert.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who urged those who were affected to contact the Red Cross Psychological Hotline and even provided the number, said that the dancers are members of the show business, many who have also worked with him in his performances.

Reportedly, the singer as well as MIRROR member Ian hired an expert consultant team to provide psychological counselling and support for the dancers.

“Caring for each other should be without distinction. It’s all about doing it together. While the other members of MIRROR are dealing with their own emotional situation, we will put the situation of the injured and the other dancers as priority and hope we can help them as soon as possible,” he said.

Hins also expressed hope that the majority of music fans will do the same, that is to cheer for the wounded and to give them more support.

At least five people were injured, with three hospitalised in an incident that occurred during a performance of the Hong Kong boy band, MIRROR on 28 July, when one of the large video screens hanging above the stage crashed down, crushing one of the dancers.

The group has now cancelled the rest of the show.

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MIRROR’s concert has been cancelled following the previous incident

(Photo Source: Hins Cheung Instagram, MIRROR Instagram)