GEM recently reiterated her previous social media post about her new album, “Revelation”, saying that it is the most precious album she has ever made.

The singer, who held a press conference to announce the album recently, stated that the album came following the many emotional turmoil she felt over the years, from getting cyberbullied to the legal problem she faced with her former record label.

“I was crying in the shower one day, when a melody came into my head, which is the titular song of the album. Although it came from my lips, I felt like it was sung to me by God. My world was stormy before then, but as soon as the song came out, it all stopped,” she said.

GEM stated that that became the concept of her album.

“That is why I want everyone to listen to the entire album patiently in a form of a musical series,” she added.

The singer also revealed that she only started conceiving the ideas for the MV after she finished writing all the songs, and even served as the writer and producer for all 14 music videos.

“This album is very precious. It’s different from my past works. I have been expressing myself in the past, but now I am expressing what I got from God.”

On the other hand, when asked about her birthday wishes as she turns 31 on 16 August, GEM stated, “I really want to hold a concert. And one of my wishes is that the world will be in peace, the pandemic will end as soon as possible, and I will be free to go where I want to go and meet anybody I want to meet.”

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GEM writes and produces all of her music videos for ‘Revelation’

(Photo Source: GEM Instagram)