Eric Tsang has recently dismissed rumours that he is in a serious condition after being tested positive for COVID-19.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the producer-turned-TVB General Manager was recently revealed to have taken some time off from work and his show, “Super Trio Returns”, with co-hosts Chin Ka Lok and Louis Yuen to take over for him.

It was also rumoured that Eric has a more serious condition despite already being vaccinated.

However, when asked about it in a phone interview, Eric said that he is doing just fine.

“Thank you for your concern. The situation is okay. We have to meet a lot of people every day, and it’s just a matter of time before we get infected. The only problem is, I now have to just stay at home and get some rest,” he said. Prior to Eric, Joel Chan had a COVID scare earlier after filming the said show, which consists of various interactive game sessions that required participants to be in close contact to one another.

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The show needed everyone to be in close contact with one another

(Photo Source: HK01, Oriental Daily)