Bianca Rogoff, daughter of the late Cherie Gil, recently blasted netizens for criticising her action following her mother’s passing.

The singer-songwriter, who was seen partying just days after Cherie passed away, shared a response she gave to a netizen who commented, “Your [mum] just passed away and [you’re] in a party now?”

It read, “Absolutely. Life is sacred and should be valued and [honoured], and most importantly, lived. And if you knew her, she’d be the first one to tell anyone to live their life adventurously and joyfully.”

“I am grieving and that is similarly sacred – but it is not my job to show you that. I love my mother and I am allowed to grieve as publicly or as privately as I wish. I am not here to perform for those who chose to follow me.”

Bianca added that people are free to unfollow her if they have issues with her, and that she will keep enjoying “the life my mother gave and granted me.”

Cherie Gil passed away on 5 August after a battle with endometrial cancer. She was 59.

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Bianca is based in New York City

(Photo Source: Cherie Gil Instagram, Bianca Rogoff Instagram)