Ariel Lin has been very secretive about her daughter’s privacy since giving birth to her in October last year…

…that is until she accidentally showed her face on social media.

On 23 August, the Taiwanese actress took to social media to share her experience of watching a stage play, attaching a photo of her holding the play’s information card in her hand.

Ariel then went on to review the play, saying that she thoroughly enjoyed herself during the whole show.

However, a large number of fans and netizens seemed to be more interested in a blurry image of a little baby in a high chair behind the photo and couldn’t help but get excited by how cute she is.

“The highlight is the little baby,” said one netizen.

“Little Lin is so cute!” said another.

It is unknown whether Ariel intended to show her daughter’s face, though she previously expressed that she would rather not show her daughter’s face to the public.

“She is very young. I will let her decide herself in the future,” she added.

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Ariel accidentally showed Little Lin in this photo

(Photo Source: Ariel Lin Instagram)