After working together several times, including the sequel to “Shock Wave”, Andy Lau and director Herman Yau are now set to collaborate yet again in the upcoming movie, “The Moscow Mission”.

As reported on HK01, a ceremony was recently held to launch the movie in mainland China, though Andy, who is currently busy filming another movie “I Did It My Way” in Hong Kong, was unable to make an appearance.

However, other stars appeared at the event, including mainland actor Huang Xuan and Zhang Hanyu.

“The Moscow Mission” is revealed to be based on a true story, in which the Chinese police formed a secret special force to Russia in its first ever Sino-Russian crackdown of four gangs of alleged Chinese thieves and rapists who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from travellers on the Trans-Siberian train in 1993.

Andy reportedly will travel to mainland China and begin filming the movie once he has concluded his commitments in “I Did It My Way”.

Prior to “The Moscow Mission”, Andy and Herman have worked together in numerous movies including 2017’s “Shock Wave” and 2019’s “The White Storm 2”.

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Expect a blockbuster from Herman Yau for ‘The Moscow Mission’

(Photo Source: HK01, Andy Lau Fanpage Instagram)