It was revealed that Yutaka Takenouchi is set to reprise his role as the unconventional judge Michio Iruma in the upcoming film of his TV series, “Ichikei’s Crow: The Criminal Court Judges”.

As reported on J-Cast, the news was announced on 6 July, with producers stating that the upcoming movie will be released in January next year, and co-stars another original actor, Haru Kuroki.

Speaking about the movie adaptation, Yutaka said, “Ichikei’s Crow has received a lot of warm response from many people who have expressed interest in a sequel, not only during the broadcast period but also long after the final episode was released.”

“I am very pleased to be able to deliver Ichikei again to everyone who supported us by making it into a movie,” he added.

On the other hand, Haru stated that she is looking forward to working with new cast members as well as the original stars of the Fuji TV series.

The series, which was released last year, stars Yutaka as a former lawyer turned first criminal court (Ichikei) judge who would seek out the truth in his cases by investigating it himself. gif maker 1 2
The series aired on Fuji TV back in 2021

(Photo Source: J Cast, Chushingura)