It was extremely surprising to see Wu Kangren (also known as Chris Wu) looking so much thinner than he originally was in preparation for his new movie, “Abang Adik”.

The Taiwanese actor, who spoke to the media in a press conference about the upcoming movie, shared that he actually made sure to tan his skin and lose about 10kg to play a much more convincing local.

“I was moved after reading the script last year, and would often imagine some of the scenes. If I went to Malaysia to play this role, what would be the effect?” he said.

After confirming the schedule, Kangren said that he decided to come to Malaysia in early May just to experience the environment in the country to further understand his character, adding that he would also go to the market with co-star Jack Tan.

Asked more about his weight loss and his decision to go all out on it, Kangren said, “I don’t really want to talk about it. I have the honour of participating in a Malaysian production, so I want to give enough respect and not let people think that I am here to play around.”

As for working with producer Angelica Lee, Kangren couldn’t help but sing praises for her, saying that he has never seen a producer who followed almost 70 to 80 percent of filming schedule.

“For a 30 day of filming, she was on the scene for about 20 of them,” he added.

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The actor arrived in Malaysia much earlier to get used to the life in the country

(Photo Source: Chris Wu Kang Ren FB, More Entertainment Instagram)