Although he has several new scripts in store, director Wai Ka Fai stated that his biggest dream is to actually make a movie adaptation of his hit drama, “The Greed of Man”.

As reported on Mingpao, the filmmaker, who appeared at the premiere of his new movie, “Detective vs Sleuths” recently, stated that he does want to do the remake for a long time now, but that he hasn’t actually got a good idea in how to approach it.

“I wanted to write the script, but there hasn’t been any inspiration, so I poured everything into “Detective vs Sleuths” and completed this one first,” he said. “I will continue to work on it, but it’s very twisted. It’s not so easy to do it.”

When asked if he would call Sean Lau to play the role of Fong Chin Bok – the only son of the Fong family from the original, he responded, “He is the original Chin Bok, of course he will play that role.”

Released on TVB Jade in 1992, “The Greed of Man” revolves around two childhood friends Ting Hai (Adam Cheng) and Fong Chun Sun (Damian Lau), spanning three decades from 1970s to the 1990s and addressing various social and financial issues during those times.

The series is most known for creating the “Ting Hai” effect”, a stock market phenomenon in which there is a sudden and unexplained drop in the stock market whenever a film or a television series starring Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng is released.

Sean Lau plays the role of Fong Chin Bok in the 1992 drama

(Photo Source: The Straits Times, Mingpao)