Is there anything more painful than giving birth? According to Japanese singer-actress Tomomi Itano, yes there is.

In her recent YouTube vlog, the former AKB48 member shared that she had been suffering from a severe abdominal pain that was caused by a parasite called anisakis.

Tomomi, who spoke about her condition in the vlog, revealed that she had been suffering from a severe stomach pain for two whole days, and had gone to a doctor who gave her medicine for ulcer.

However, the singer said she didn’t get better, and decided to go to the hospital for a check-up. It was then it was revealed that she had the said parasite in her stomach.

According to the CDC, Anisakiasis is a parasitic disease caused by anisakid nematodes (worms) that can invade the stomach wall or intestines of humans.

“The transmission of this disease occurs when infective larvae are ingested from fish or squid that humans eat raw or undercooked. In some cases, this infection is treated by removal of the larvae via endoscopy or surgery,” the website read.

Said Tomomi, “I ate sushi the day before yesterday, which may be the reason.”

After the parasite was removed, the mother of one admitted that it was so painful that she burst into tears.

“It is the one thing that hurts even more than giving birth. Although there are narcotics that should make me sleepy, I was very awake, because it was so painful,” she said.

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Tomomi is married to baseball player, Keiji Takahashi, and the couple welcomed their daughter last year

(Photo Source: Tomomi Itano Instagram)