Singaporean singer Tanya Chua has been named big winner at the 2022 Golden Melody Awards.

The singer, who was nominated in eight categories at the event held on 2 July, won four accolades for her album, “Depart”, including Album of the Year, Best Mandarin Album, and Best Vocal Album Recording.

She also won Best Mandarin Female Singer for the fourth time, breaking the record as the performer with the most wins in the said category.

Tanya previously won the said category in 2006, 2008, and 2012, and has now surpassed A-Mei, who has won the category three times.

This time, she bested other singers including Faye Zhen, Tia Ray, and Waa Wei – the latter who has been nominated five times in the category.

Expressing her thoughts on her big win, Tanya wrote on Instagram, “Winning an award, breaking a record, is something to be excited and proud of. It should take a few days to digest it all, but I only allow myself those few days. Fortunately, we have accomplished what the team wanted to accomplish. In a turbulent world, we confidently and steadily made a simple and uncomplicated album to give back… After the glory, I also know that we all have to return to zero, and then look at the world to find the next theme that touches the soul.”

(Photo Source: Tanya Chua Instagram)