After previously sparking fans’ concern about her health status, AOA’s Kim Seolhyun recently revealed that she is diagnosed with a problem of the inner ear.

Previously, on 25 July, the singer-turned-actress took to Instagram Story to express her concern about her condition, saying, “The images in front of me seems like a video call on unstable Wi-Fi. Does anybody know what this is?”

Fans then began to help by suggesting several conditions like astigmatism and postural hypotension that cause dizziness when standing, though the singer stated that she also showed similar symptoms while sitting down.

However, on 26 July, she took to social media again and shared that she has found out what it was.

“Everyone, I suffer from otolithiasis. If you have the same symptoms as me, go to your ENT doctor!” she wrote.

Otolithiasis, according to Researchgate, is a disease of vestibular dizziness caused by a problem in the inner ear – caused whenever the otolith, located in the vestibular organ responsible for maintaining balance in the inner ear – is dislocated for various reasons.

We hope that Seolhyun will seek the proper treatment now that her symptoms have been diagnosed.

Seolhyun was last seen in ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’

(Photo Source: Chosun Media, SBS)