Nadine Lustre recently gushed that she is excited about working with director Mikhail Red for the first time in her upcoming movie, “Deleter”.

The actress, who spoke to Push about the upcoming film, said that aside from it being the first time for her working with the filmmaker, it will also mark her debut in the psychological horror genre.

“There’s Dead Kids, Block Z, and these are very innovative and very challenging films,” she said, listing the works of the director. “And I’m up for the challenge. It’s really good to make a movie out of my comfort zone.”

Nadine admitted that she is not the kind to enjoy horror movies with jump scares, and would prefer those with a deeper meaning.

“I like movies where after you watch it, you will think about it for a few days, you will look around every time and check if there is anyone because there is something like that in the film,” she added.

The actress also hopes that the movie, co-starring McCoy de Leon and Louise delos Reyes, will be released in theatres and not just on Vivamax.

“I want to see it on the big screen. I really miss premiere nights,” she added.

According to Variety, the said movie involves an online content moderator who deletes a suicide video made by her co-worker, but the otherwise desensitised woman cannot escape from either her own troubled past or from a mysterious vengeful presence.

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The film will be helmed by Mikhail Red of ‘Arisaka’ fame

(Photo Source: Nadine Lustre Instagram, Variety)