Although she was once rumoured to be dating Carlos Chan, Michelle Wai recently revealed that she was actually involved in the actor’s proposal to his now fiancée, Shiga Lin.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was asked about her best friend’s recent engagement with Shiga, shared that she was actually the one who helped Carlos prepared his proposal.

“I was always worried about Carlos’ blabbermouth, but fortunately, he did very well that day. I was the one who was more nervous and emotional that day. I even cried before they did,” she said.

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Michelle helped Carlos prepare for his proposal

Michelle also revealed that Carlos invited her to be a part of his groomsmen party, but that she would rather join the bridesmaids instead.

In a previous interview, the actress said that she would never think of marrying Carlos, of whom she regarded as her own brother, saying that it would feel incestuous to be more than that.

“We are very very close. I know everything that is to know about him. He also visits me on Lunar New Year, like a brother would,” she said.

Carlos popped the question to Shiga back in June, after two years of getting to know each other.

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Shiga and Carlos got engaged in June

(Photo Source: Shiga Lin Instagram, Michelle Wai Instagram, HK01)