Following the success of “Eternals”, actor Ma Dong-Seok (aka Don Lee) has returned to South Korea for the sequel to his hit 2022 movie, “The Roundup”.

Ma, who played the role of Detective Ma Seok-Do in this year’s “The Roundup”, as well as in the sequel to the 2017 crime action film, “The Outlaws, will be reprising his role in the third entry – which has already started filming last week.

Aside from Ma, Lee Joon-Hyuk is joining the film as the new villain, alongside Aoki Munetaka who will play a yakuza named Riki.

The 2022 film sees Detective Ma dragged into the pursuit of a serial kidnapper and murderer when he goes to Vietnam to extradite a suspect.

The movie made over USD 100 million, becoming South Korea’s biggest hit this year.

The upcoming film is scheduled for a 2023 release.

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The actor first played the detective role in 2017’s ‘The Outlaws’

(Photo Source: Korea Herald, Korea Times)