Kelley Day recently slammed a certain segment of the online world whom she said believed more in gossips rather than the truth.

The actress recently took to social media to express her annoyance, after a netizen decided to comment on her post about her struggles with mental health by calling her a “mistress”.

“It is really hard being a mistress. You can do it,” the comment sarcastically read.

Seeing the said comment, Kelley screenshot and reposted it on her Instagram Story, writing, “Losing hope for [people] like this… brainwashed bashers who think they know [expletive] but actually have no idea. They trust unreliable [gossip] columnists vs. actual facts.”

“There is a microcosm of our [social media] society today, and it’s sad. Hasn’t #fakenews trended enough by now? What I’m going [through] has no relation to that.”

Kelley then expressed hope that people will let her heal in peace.

Although she made no mention as to which rumour it was, it is noted that the actress was previously accused of being involved in Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez’s split. She had since dismissed the speculations.

Kelley Day slams netizens for believing gossips that she broke up a couple’s marriage, celeb asia, kelley day, theHive.Asia
Kelley Day previously denied having anything to do with Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana’s split

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