After announcing Takumi Kitamura as the lead in “Yu Yu Hakusho”, Netflix revealed that they have found the right person to play fan favourite character Kurama.

On 17 July, Netflix Japan announced that the character, a fox demon who joins Yusuke in the latter’s battle against other demons, will be played by Jun Shison of D-BOYS fame.

Said Jun, “The original work has been popular for more than 30 years now and I am sure that many people think very highly and have their own interpretation of it.”

“We are all working together to create the best series we can, with everything that we can express in this day and age here in Japan. I hope you will enjoy it!” he added.

It is noted that “Yu Yu Hakusho” is one of the many titles Netflix has in its live-action roster, with the streaming giant announcing the said adaptation late last year.

Among other live-action adaptations in the making include “One Piece” and an untitled “Pokemon” project.

The upcoming series is scheduled for release in December 2023.

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Netflix announced the adaptation in November last year

(Photo Source: Netflix Japan Twitter)