Three years after her last album, G.E.M. announces that she is making a comeback with a new release.

On 16 July, the singer updated her Instagram account with the good news, saying that she is back with a new work titled, “Revelation”.

According to her, the album will have 14 new songs, and will be a full story about her first time being the “writer of my own life”.

“I feel like in this fragmented age, people seem to have less and less patience to listen to a song in its entirety. I wrote 14 songs on the new album. Every song is a precious revelation for me, whether it is for me to know myself better, or to know love more. I cherished all 14 songs and is unwilling to skip it, and want people to listen to them carefully, so I thought of a way… a musical series,” she wrote.

G.E.M. explains that there will be music videos made for each song, and that the plot will be continuous to make up a full story.

“I predicted that the process of doing such a new project would be very difficult, so half a year ago, I chose to completely retreat to allow myself to fully focus on this new work. But I underestimated how rough the waves of reality can be,” she said, adding that the pandemic became a big challenge to her and her team, from having to change actors, doing reshoots, and much more.

“We did our best. Now I can finally come back with my new work,” she added.

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Part I, 7 Letters to Heaven.
Part II, 7 Letters from Heaven.

(Photo Source: G.E.M. Tang Instagram)