First, they were excited that Jay Chou is finally releasing a new album, but now fans are irate that the upcoming album contains only six new songs.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Taiwanese multi-hyphenate’s new album, titled “Greatest Works of Art”, was revealed to contain 12 tracks.

However, according to some social media users on, the album only has six new songs, with the rest of it being a piano intro and the five songs that were previously released digitally.

These include the 2018’s “If You Don’t Love Me, It’s Fine”, 2019’s “I Truly Believe” for wife Hannah Quinlivan’s movie “Sky Fire”, and the Cuban-inspired “Mojito”.

Several netizens expressed their disappointment over the insertion of his old singles, with one saying that it was quite insincere of the singer to do so after having fans waited for his new album for six years since “Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories”.

Earlier this month, the singer shared the first music video for his new song, “Greatest Works of Art”, which guest-starred renowned classical pianist Lang Lang.

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2020’s ‘Mojito’ is said to be one of the songs included in the new album

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram, SINA)