Elva Hsiao is elated by the reception she had received after making her surprise appearance at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, whose appearance as a presenter was kept in secret by the organiser prior to the 2 July event, took to social media to express her happiness over the many positive feedbacks she received.

“I felt like I won a award or [something] last night at GMA because I got tons of messages from friends after the ceremony. Even more messages than my birthday,” she wrote.

“I seriously had sooooo much from last night! It’s like I found my soul back when I took that step out on stage. It feels like home.”

At the event, Elva said that she originally had her hesitance about coming on stage, seeing that she has never won an accolade from the said awards, but decided to do so as the GMA is a very important music event.

“I want to encourage all musicians to continue to work hard in this industry as a person who has never been shortlisted, and to thank them for their persistence in making good songs,” she added.

On the other hand, her agency stated that Elva is also currently preparing for her new album.

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Elva appeared in this stunning red dress to present an award

(Photo Source: Elva Hsiao Instagram)