Now that she is fully adjusted to life as a mother and actress, Elisse Joson finally decided to go back to school, this time changing her major from Fashion Design and Merchandising to Psychology.

The actress, who sat down for an interview with ABS-CBN’s HotSpot, shared that she is still adapting to her new role, now that she has added ‘studying’ to her already jampacked routine.

“It’s still fun and fulfilling. There are online classes, so I have two days a week that I have classes,” she said.

As to why she decided to study Psychology instead, Elisse stated that she is looking for something that she wants to know more rather than what she likes.

“That’s when I realised that I want to study psychology and how the mind works. I got curious. It’s also very interesting because it’s how to know people,” she said.

As for her acting career, Elisse said that she is happy to be able to return after giving birth to her and McCoy de Leon’s baby, Felize.

“I am blessed, because even after having a baby, I was able to get back to work,” she said, adding that she is set to star in a new series soon.

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Elisse and baby daddy McCoy de Leon are parents to Felize

(Photo Source: Elisse Joson Instagram)