Alodia Gosiengfiao recently announced that she is now engaged to businessman Christopher Quimbo.

The popular cosplayer shared the good news on 23 July with a photo from the proposal, writing, “For some it takes a lifetime to find true love. But for the lucky ones, a lifetime is merely enough to share the love they’ve found.”

In a YouTube vlog posted on the same day, Christopher shared how he realised that Alodia was the one for him after meeting for a month, saying, “We went back to my place and played piano, and I sang for her. I think at that point I knew that this would happen. Now she’s my fiancée. I will be her biggest fan. I will treasure her.”

Meanwhile, Alodia said that she couldn’t imagine life without Christopher.

“Everything’s just falling into place… It just seems so beautiful. I guess it’s very pure. I couldn’t believe someone like him existed. It seems like a perfect fit, I guess. It’s like he understood me, I understood him so I guess it’s nice. Life is good,” she expressed.

Alodia, who previously dated vlogger Wil Dasovich, first shared about her new romance in April, as she shared a photo of her and Christopher holidaying in Palawan.

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Alodia shares her new romance back in April

(Photo Source: Alodia Gosiengfiao Instagram)