After years of focusing on his mainland career, William Chan recently revealed that he will be returning to Hong Kong soon.

As reported on HK01, the singer-actor shared the news during a live broadcast of a brand launch, saying, “I will be travelling back to Hong Kong in the next few days to do a Hong Kong movie.”

“I haven’t made a Hong Kong film for eight to nine years, so I will be completing one this time,” he added.

William stated that the project was something he had wanted to do for the past eight years – a collaboration with some respected seniors that he dreamed of working with throughout his career.

“I feel like I want to challenge myself when I go back, so this is a challenge for me,” he said.

Asked when he will return to Hong Kong, the actor said that it will be in the near future.

It is noted that William’s last Hong Kong movie was the 2014’s “Golden Brother”, co-starring Bosco Wong and Michael Tse. gif maker 9
William shares his plans during a brand event

(Photo Source: William Chan Instagram, HK01)