Barbie Hsu’s camp has recently dismissed the allegation made by the actress’ former husband Wang Xiaofei, who recently accused her of taking illegal drugs.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the whole issue stemmed from Wang’s recent Weibo clarification over the dissemination of several photos from a reporter who accused him of cheating on Barbie prior to their divorce.

In one of the photos, Wang could be seen kneeling on the floor and hugging a woman sitting on the sofa. The said photo was alleged to have been taken months before their divorce.

In response, Wang stated that talks about divorce had been going on since February last year, and that it took a toll on him as he had to travel between the mainland and Taiwan to resolve the issue.

“It was during this period that I made a drunken mistake due to emotional struggle. The photos were taken by friends,” he said, before saying that he would be filing a lawsuit against the allegation.

However, he later added another post, claiming that Barbie had been taking illegal drugs during their marriage through other people’s prescriptions, and that Wang himself had to pay RMB 1 million per month for the said prescriptions.

Five minutes after publishing it, Wang took down the said post. gif maker 6
The couple were married for ten years before their divorce

When asked about the allegation, Barbie’s agent stated, “Barbie has never done anything illegal, and she never forces anyone around her to do anything.”

As for the money, her rep said that the money Wang paid was for their household expenses and that it hasn’t changed even after the divorce, seeing that the actress focuses more on taking care of their two children instead of working since the children were born.

It is noted that in previous interviews, Barbie was revealed to have had miscarried her third child and that the pregnancy took a toll on her health, even sending her into an epileptic fit. She even landed in the ICU while giving birth to her second child, Wang Hsi-Lin.

On the other hand, Barbie’s mother, who has been defending Wang all this time, seemed quite upset by the businessman’s accusation, saying that Barbie has been taking medicine for a long time due to the side effects on her body since she lost her third baby and giving birth to two children in her late 30s. She also added that she is distressed over Wang’s decision to make accusations against her daughter.

At the same time, netizens also blasted Wang for his said Weibo post, saying that Barbie has never mentioned him nor aired any dirty laundry in any interviews since their divorce.

(Photo Source: World Journal, LTN)