After previously alleging ex-wife Barbie Hsu of taking illegal drugs, mainland businessman Wang Xiaofei recently took to social media to express his apology for his action.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the businessman, who wrote and then deleted a post in which he claimed that Barbie had been taking illegal drugs during their marriage through other people’s prescriptions that he paid for, took to Weibo yet again on 31 May to mend the situation.

He wrote, “Yesterday, on impulse, I have done the most regrettable thing in my life. I feel so guilty towards Barbie, our children, and her mother.”

Wang said that he has already apologised to both the actress and her mother – the latter who had defended him prior to his allegation – and that he is now apologising yet again for the issue.

“If you do something wrong, you must admit it. If a 40-year-old person speaks irresponsibly, everyone should be able to laugh. I accept all the criticism and ridicule on the internet,” he said.

Wang also added that unless there are matters relating to their two children, he will not “disturb Barbie Hsu’s life” again.

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Huang Chun-Mei, Barbie’s mum, has maintained good relationship with her former son-in-law

(Photo Source: SINA, HK01)