Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez finally found the time to reminisce on her journey as the country’s representative, a few days after she crowned her successor, Gwendolyne Fourniol.

On 14 June, the beauty queen shared several photos from her final walk as Miss World Philippines 2021 on Instagram, writing, “I couldn’t really feel anything else but pure gratitude first of all to the Lord above for granting me my dream of representing our country, of celebrating my Mommy Chona’s life, of representing the struggles of the single mums like her and those of their families, and lastly of leaving my own little mark in ways that I never imagined would be possible.”

“I’m just so so so thankful to the people who have been my rock during some of the most stressful yet the most fulfilling moments of my life,” she added.

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Tracy represented the Philippines at the Miss World pageant back in March

Tracy went on to list all the people who supported her, from family members and friends, her team and her fans, and expressed, “Thank you for giving me the will to fight the battles that I constantly try to overcome every day in my life. It’s never easy, I have a lot of pain and shortcomings but please know that I always do my best, thank you for not giving up on me. I love you guys so much.”

Representing the Philippines at the Miss World 2021 pageant in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tracy finished as a Top 13 semi-finalist.

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Gwendolyne Fourniol will be representing PH in the upcoming Miss World 2022

(Photo Source: Tracy Maureen Perez Instagram, Gwendolyne Fourniol Instagram)