Sonija Kwok recently expressed her gratitude over the opportunity given to her daughter Kylie in showing her acting talent in her new series, “Inevitable”.

The actress, who also made her TV comeback via the said ViuTV drama, revealed that Kylie played the role of an autistic child in episode two of the said series.

“I thank the director for his trust and the opportunity given. As a mother, I just want my daughter to experience the sense of responsibility, patience, cooperation and courtesy that is required to be a person and to do things,” she said.

Sonija added that Kylie, who is 10, has truly benefited a lot from the experience, and that she is grateful for it.

On the other hand, director Wong Wai Yin, who helmed the said series, stated that the decision to cast Kylie came after they realised that the age of the character in the series is similar to Sonija’s own daughter.

“We let Kylie participate and Sonija rehearsed and taught Kylie how to do it before filming starts. Everybody had a good cooperation,” he said.

Wong also added that it took Kylie only one take to do her scene despite it being her first time.

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Kylie plays an autistic child in episode two of the series

(Photo Source: Sonija Kwok Instagram, Mingpao)