Samantha Ko recently dismissed the notion that she is leaving TVB for good, following rumours that she will be expanding her career in mainland China.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the press conference of her new drama recently, stated that her contract with TVB is still under negotiation.

Said Samantha, “I believe that we can have a better cooperation. The company has been good to me, always giving me space to do my projects. I am very happy to work with the company. In addition to promoting the series, I hope I can have a good contract.”

As for rumours that her main goal is to expand her career in mainland China, Samantha stated that it is not a bad thing to try and grab the opportunity to go to a different market.

“As an actor, you will get to work with more productions. I learned a lot from filming variety shows in mainland China,” she said.

Samantha also declined to comment whether there are other companies that have approached her, saying that she has to think carefully about her future before sharing such information with the public.

“Right now, I want to think about what I want. I am at the juncture of my life right now,” she added.

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The actress sparked departure rumour when she was seen in mainland China with a group of other actors alongside Wong Cho Lam

(Photo Source: Samantha Ko Instagam)