Now that Joyce Cheng has celebrated her 35th birthday, rumours that she is finally inheriting her late mother’s millions has sparked yet again.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who celebrated her birthday on 30 May, allegedly will be given the access to the late Lydia Shum’s HKD 60 million fortune, which the latter reportedly set for Joyce prior to her passing in 2008.

Sources claimed that Lydia’s will stipulated that Joyce could only withdraw HKD 20,000 a month from the inheritance before turning 35, as the late comedienne hoped that her daughter will be able to rely on her own abilities to survive rather than her wealth.

It is noted that Joyce has spoken about the supposed inheritance in previous interviews, saying that she has no idea about the money side of things as she lets the lawyer handles it. She even added that she won’t use the money left to her by her late mother and wants to be self-reliant instead.

In August last year, when it was mentioned that she would be inheriting the money on her 35th birthday, Joyce said, “It’s so funny. They said this when I was in my 20s and then in my 30s. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect my work. I will continue to do my own thing.”

Meanwhile, the singer herself posted a photo on social media on her birthday and wrote, “Thank you all for your blessings! 35 years old today. I wish myself and my loved ones good health and that happy things will happen every day!”

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Joyce previously shared a throwback photo of her with her late mum

(Photo Source: Joyce Cheng Instagram)